Prozis Auzu pārslas (500 g)

Ražotājs: Prozis

Freakin’ good flavours for a tasty day!

What if you could have healthy oats for breakfast or as a snack with the most yummy and delightful flavour?

You can pick your favourite from a wide selection and taste your little piece of heaven in a knock-choc experience, let your mind drift in a field of strawberries, or dive in creamy, velvety peanut butter!

Tempting enough? Now, which oat will you have today?

  • No Sugars Added
  • Natural Source of Fibre
  • Heart Friendly

Keeping it simple

Add 100 g (10 level tbsps)
to 250-350 ml of water or milk.

Enjoy your full flavoured meal!


  • Kids
  • Seniors
  • Athletes
  • Busy professionals
  • People on a weight management programme
  • Anyone trying to live a healthier life


  • At breakfast
  • As an afternoon snack
  • At bedtime
  • Whenever you feel like it

Take a n’OAT!

  • Healthy 100% whole grain
  • No sugars added
  • Natural source of fibre
  • Low glycemic index
  • Beta-glucan source: a friend of your heart