Big Shot (60 ml)

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Are you ready for the Big Shot? With this pre-workout booster, your training will never be the same again. Feel the adrenaline and get all the focus you need to overcome even the greatest of challenges.

This formula with tested ingredients and scientifically proven transparency will establish a new concept of power and growth, by revolutionising the way you perform and achieving your muscle strength goals. Soon enough, you'll be the one known as the "Big Shot" at your workout spot! Just give it your best shot and exceed your own limits!

Explosive energy for great strength

A special formula ideal for strenuous strength workouts, that cranks up your physical performance in high-intensity exercises.

Due to the beta-Alanine and caffeine, you can expect great achievements in your performance, a huge power spike, and extra focus to drive you straight to your goals.

This potent formula will help you reach your next level of motivation and take a major step towards perfection.

All the "Big Shots" have one thing in common - they are all driven to push their limits - but you'll be the one who can make it even further.

Every minute counts

Take this pre-workout booster straight away and power up your performance! Every minute counts...

A strike of flavours

  • Flash Cola

The classic never disappoints! Give your workout a special flavour!

  • Fiery Raspberry

Your berry flavour, ready to ignite your muscle strength.

Your BIG bang

  • Pre-workout booster
  • A new concept of power and growth
  • Power spike and extra focus drive
  • Great flavours