Bodylab Protein Baking Mix (500 g) - Chocolate Chip Buns


We introduce Protein Baking Mix. It has both have a high protein content and no added sugar.

Bodylab Protein Baking Mix

It smells a bit of home baking! The waffles and pancakes for your brunch are already in place. Something is missing. That's why we have put together a baking mix that makes it ultra-light for you to bake protein buns with real Belgian chocolate chips. 

Bodylab Protein Baking Mix

All you have to add is yeast and water. Easy, right?

Our protein buns have a high protein content - that's funny enough why we call them "protein buns". They give a good sense of satiety, and they are very freshly baked, warm and with a thick layer of Proteinella. 

There are dough for about 8 bowls.