FAST Hera 80 (500 g)

Ietaupi 35%

WHEY + is a flagship of FAST proteins made from pure Irish milk.

The difference in the other whey proteins is the very low lactose and fat content of the WHEY + protein and, respectively, the higher protein content. WHEY + is therefore suitable for most sufferers of lactose.

Heraprotein is almost one of the most nutritional quality indicators of protein, and it contains the most important branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) of protein sources. WHEY + is made from two different types of lactose, hydrolysed and microfiltrated. Cross-flow microfiltration and gentle enzymatic hydrolysis do not denature the protein and retain the potentially functional microfractions of whey protein in active form.

A significant part of the amino acid chains of the hydrolyzate, in turn, is precipitated into di and tri peptides, i.e. pre-absorbable form.