Feel Free Nutrition Pre-Workout Protein Porridge (85 g)

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Feel Free Nutrition Protein Porridge Pre-Workout – Delicious and Protein Enriched Porridge

Here at Feel Free Nutrition, our experts have designed the world’s first pre-workout protein porridge to help you crush your workout. Made from whole food ingredients and oats, it contains slow-releasing, energizing carbohydrates to give you enough fuel to push to the end of your session and hit your workout goals.

However, what makes this porridge really stand out from the crowd is its special additional ingredients. Loaded with caffeine, beta-alanine and creatine, our porridge is designed with a unique formula of high quality ingredients to ensure you’re alert and ready to get the most out of your workout. Plus, it contains a high protein content to leave you feeling full and satisfied until your next meal.

Packed full of healthy whole foods and high quality supplements, Feel Free Nutrition Protein Porridge Pre-Workout will top any other pre-workout meal. This no-fuss, easy to prepare breakfast is ideal for anyone leading a busy and active lifestyle. Simply wake up, add water and you’re good to go! You won’t hesitate to get out of bed in the morning when this delicious breakfast is waiting for you.

Start your day on the right side of the bed with Feel Free Nutrition Protein Porridge Pre-Workout!