Foodin Raw Cocoa Butter (250 g)

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100% cocoa butter is extracted from the seeds of cocoa fat without additives. Cocoa butter is prepared using a cold pressing method, wherein the natural nutrients are best. Cocoa butter contains natural antioxidants, which prevent rancidity and provide a long shelf life. Cocoa butter is naturally rich in vitamin E, as well as a wealth of other vitamins and minerals.

Pure flavored cocoa butter tastes a little bitter. Cocoa butter is a great, healthy addition to smoothies, pastries and desserts. You can also prepare it white chocolate.

Cocoa butter soft texture, sweet fragrance and skin-softening feature makes it a popular material also in skin care. Cocoa butter is said to be by far the best skin moisturizer, it is used to soften the skin for centuries. Cocoa butter melts at body heat and is well absorbed into the skin. Pregnant women have long used the cocoa butter to prevent and treat stretch marks.

Cocoa butter is a small bag of pellets, which means it is easy to melt in a water bath for baking.

Organic cocoa produced.