Kinetica Protein Deluxe Bar (45 g)

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Kinetica Protein Deluxe Bar is an indulgent yet nutritious multi-layer bar that provides a low sugar high protein snack option with a superior taste and texture.

It contains a flavoursome cookies & cream crunchy core with a delicious layer of caramel and a milk chocolate coating. Protein Deluxe is a delicious snack that can keep you fuller for longer and support your diet and training. 

  •    High quality proteins
  •   33% protein per bar
  •    Only 1.6 grams of sugar per bar  
  •    Batch tested within the WADA framework

It is available in three mouth-watering flavours – Peanut Caramel ,Cookies & Cream and Chocolate Brownie.

Like all Kinetica products Protein Deluxe is laboratory batch tested within the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) framework to ensure a safe and dependable snack option when on the go, in the office, at home or after the gym.