Toasted Soybean 10 Sachets 200 g


MyVegies Toasted Soybean – The guilt-free, healthy, delicious and nutritious snack you can have whenever you want.


The guilt-free, healthy, delicious and nutritious snack you can have whenever you want.

What if we told you that there is a delicious snack you can have at any time of the day, and that this snack not only will help you lose weight, it will also add valuable nutrients to your diet, helping you become healthier and stronger? MyVegies brings you Toasted Soybean, the super snack that will change the way you eat.

The Devil Is In The Snacks

Anyone who has ever tried to go on a calorie restriction diet knows that the major problem with this dietary regimen is not necessarily the discipline one must have during regular meals, it's the self-control one must keep during the rest of the day.

For many, snacking between meals is a real problem. Simple and seemingly innocuous little treats, like pop-tarts, a candy bar or a pack of chips, may add 200 to more than 600 calories to your diet in one go, completely shattering your goals in terms of caloric consumption and weight management.

Toasted Soybean: The Healthy Option

If you are serious about eating clean and reaping the benefits a healthy diet comes with, but would still like to keep something tasty in your desk drawer to munch on when your stomach rumbles, MyVegies now brings you the perfect snack: Toasted Soybean 10 Sachets 200 g.

Chock-full of protein and fibre, with very few carbohydrates and only healthy fats, Toasted Soybean will do much more that merely satisfying your cravings, it will add fundamental nutrients to your diet. With only 86 calories per sachet, a large part of them coming from proteins, Toasted Soybean is a crunchy, salty and absolutely delicious snack that will easily replace the fatty chips and the unhealthy sweets that were ruining your diet. Get the best of the two worlds - tasty snacks and healthy foods - with MyVegies' Toasted Soybean.


• Delicious crunchy and salty snacks

• Completely natural product

• No preservatives, no GMOs, no trans fats

• Source of protein and fibre

• Practical individual sachets you can carry in your pocket

• Only healthy fats

• Helps you control your cravings

It's Just A Little Snack, How Bad Can It Be? It Can Be Terrible, Actually!

One snack can be bad, but two, three or more snacks can be a disaster! Addicted to overeating, or simply lacking the discipline to stop eating between meals, many people can't quite settle for the occasional mid-morning pack of chips, or the four o'clock brownie. Dieters often tend to indulge themselves on several apparently small guilty pleasures, under the misconception that the efforts they make to eat clean throughout most of the day make up for those momentary cheats on their diet. Big mistake.

What many people don't know is that this type of behaviour is precisely what's ruining their chances of ever getting any real and consistent results in terms of weight management. For any adult of average stature and health condition, a simple 400 calories snack accounts for an increase of roughly 20% in his daily caloric intake, not to mention most of these snacks are full of preservatives, processed ingredients, trans fats, and other potentially harmful additives. These snacks aren't just ruining your diet, they may very well be ruining your health!


Note: We recommend you see a physician or nutritionist if you have any questions regarding the use of our product. Nutritional information may vary depending on flavor.
* Images presented are merely for illustrative and promotional purposes only. The product's final image may be altered.
Per 10g %RI* Per 100g %RI*
Energy 86 kcal 4% 430 Kcal 22%
360 kj 1799 kj
FAT 4.90 g 7% 24.50 g 35%
· Saturates 0.70 g 4% 3.50 g 18%
Carbohydrates 1.40 g 1% 7 g 3%
· Sugars 1.20 g 1% 6 g 7%
Fibre 3.50 g ** 17.50 g **
Protein 7 g 14% 35 g 70%
Salt 0.50 g 8% 2.5 g 42%