Zero Fruit Spread (180 g)

Ražotājs: Prozis

Jam-packed with goodness, not with sugar.

A nice, big gob of jam on a slice of toast, who isn't tempted by that? It's common knowledge however that fruit jams and jellies are often loaded with sugars, meaning that they are often off-limits to athletes and people trying to control their weight. Until now, that is.

Prozis Zero Fruit Spread will have calorie-conscious people sigh in relief! Fat-free and with only a bare minimum of sugars, it's just the product for everyone who prefers to keep an eye on their calorie and sugar intake, yet likes to indulge in a truly delicious treat from time to time. Forget all about forbidden fruit, now there's Zero Fruit Spread!

Go wise:

  • With real fruit
  • Zero fat
  • Less than 4 kcal per tablespoon
  • Low sugars
  • Delicious on toast or bread
  • Great for baker's confectionery