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Cik daudz olbaltumvielu Tev ir nepieciešams uzņemt pēc treniņa?

How much protein do you need to take after a workout?


The best source of protein after exercise

When choosing a protein powder for use after training, preference should be given to milk whey protein powder. Whey is rich in leucine, one of the amino acids of branched chains, which accelerates the synthesis of proteins. In addition, whey proteins are rapidly digestible, so the body quickly and easily absorbs the amino acids contained in these proteins and uses them in muscle production processes.

Whether you want to box like Rocky or run as fast as Forest Gamp, one of the most important goals is to prepare your body for increasingly tough and ambitious workouts. In fact, you are already working towards this goal. By doing regular exercises, you stimulate your muscles to produce more protein that is necessary for the muscles, their rejuvenation processes and volume increase, as well as to strengthen the result, which will be useful in future workouts. This process allows you to create the desired relief of the body, increase strength and endurance in training. The use of proteins after exercise is essential to accelerate and increase the processes of muscle growth and recovery.

Optimal protein intake after exercise

Using protein immediately after exercise increases muscle production, increasing the amount of amino acids in plasma. By gaining more "building material" for protein production, the body recovers faster, muscle mass increases and you respond better to stimuli in future workouts.

In the manual published by the International Olympic Committee, the authors indicate that in order to maximize the benefits of exercise in sports, it is necessary to take an additional 20-25 g of protein, which can be easily obtained from protein powders. In their opinion, a higher amount of protein is simply burned as fuel. Researchers at the Gatorade Institute of Sports Science also offer to consume 20-25 g of protein after training, emphasizing that this amount is optimal for athletes weighing 80-90 kg.

This conclusion is supported by Lindsay Macnaughton and Dr Oliver Witard in their work on protein intake recommendations to prevent muscle hypertrophy.

And how much protein do heavier athletes need?

Too much protein ingested in the diet is usually simply burned as fuel or eliminated from the body because the body no longer uses them for other functions. However, if the athlete is in the largest weight category, a daily dose of 20-25 g of protein may not be enough. Athletes weighing more than 80 kg should take about 30-40 g of protein after training to optimize rejuvenation processes and promote muscle growth. Each of us has its own physiological peculiarities, so when it comes to taking protein after a workout, it is difficult to say that there is a universal dose that suits everyone. However, according to scientists at the Institute of Sports Sciences in Gatorade, the threshold dose seems to be about 40 g of protein.

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