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Klāt inovatīvākais olbaltumvielu batoniņš Baltijas tirgū!

The most innovative protein bar on the Baltic market!

In today's oversaturated sports and functional nutrition market, it seems almost impossible to surprise customers with something new, but a home-grown brand BalticVitamins, with the launch of its new collagen bars, has succeeded. What makes them so special? Let us tell you about their nutritional value and our impressions after tasting them!

Nutritional analysis

BalticVitamins collagen bars appeared in stores at the beginning of summer this year and within a few weeks they have become a highly sought-after healthy snack, because in addition to their refined and velvety taste, they also contain up to 9350 mg of collagen. Collagen bars are very rare on the Baltic health food market, but even if you look at the offer across Europe, it is simply impossible to find bars with this amount of collagen, which BalticVitamins makes it a unique product. To improve the health of skin, hair, nails and joints, doctors recommend a daily intake of 2,500-10,000 mg of collagen - which means that one of these bars contains the entire recommended daily allowance of collagen. Let's be honest, a tasty and nutritious bar is much more exciting than powders or capsules, so now taking collagen can be not only health-boosting, but also very enjoyable.

If we started talking about nutritional value, let's keep talking about it for a bit. The amount of protein in one bar is 20-22 grams, which is 40% of the total weight of the bar. Those who have studied the composition of protein bars will know that this is more than just an impressive figure.

The manufacturer has also thought about those with coeliac disease, so BalticVitamins bars are gluten-free, and the amount of sugar is also encouraging - just 3 grams.

How do they taste?

Now, let's talk about what you must be most interested in: what do these bars taste like?

BalticVitamins has chosen classic values for the flavours of its bars that are hard to miss: rich chocolate, naturally sweet coconut and tempting salted caramel. Chewing a layer of milk chocolate reveals a luscious, soft-textured bar with a really distinctive and very unadulterated flavour, with an unobtrusive natural sweetness. If you choose the salted caramel flavour, you can also enjoy contrasting protein crunches in the soft milk chocolate layer and a sticky caramel filling in the bar itself. Although the bar weighs 55 grams, it delivers a really satisfying and long-lasting feeling, making it the ideal snack for your daily run or post-workout when a quick appetite-quencher and protein boost are needed most.

When we asked our customers which of the three flavours was their favourite, all three were equally common, proving that each flavour is carefully crafted and the favourite depends on the subjective taste of each eater. We ourselves are still not agreed on our favourite flavour, as the team is still discussing it today. :)

Where to look?

The bars are available in the online shop and in stores throughout Riga, in the largest Narvesen retail outlets, MyFitness sports clubs and Deli Dose café at 2 Kalķu Street, Riga.

Taste and share your impressions!

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