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Kosmētiķe iesaka: sejas kopšana soli pa solim

Cosmetologist's advice: step by step facial care

To keep your complexion looking beautiful and radiant in summer, it's important to follow a specific sequence of skincare products. Depending on your routine and habits, choose a skincare routine that suits your skin. Cosmetologist Kristiāna Šnepste shares her step-by-step tips.

In the morning:

  1. Facial cleansing - cleanse your face with a gentle foam, milk or gel.
  2. Toning - tone your skin with an alcohol-free toner suitable for your complexion.
  3. Apply an antioxidant serum - summer is the time to use a vitamin C serum.
  4. Applying eye cream - apply eye cream as the skin around the eyes is more delicate than the skin on the face.
  5. Applying a moisturiser - apply a light textured moisturiser containing hyaluronic acid.
  6. SPF protection cream - apply SPF30-SPF50 and renew every 2 hours.

In the evening:

  1. Make-up removal - if you use make-up, remove it with micellar water or a special make-up remover.
  2. Facial cleansing - cleanse your face with a foaming cleanser to get rid of dirt that has accumulated during the day.
  3. Toning - apply the toner on cotton pads and work it into the skin in a gentle upward motion.
  4. Applying the eye cream - apply the eye cream with the ring finger as this finger will allow the cream to be gently worked into the skin.
  5. Application of a specialised cream - apply a face cream as needed to fight pigmentation, acne or signs of ageing during the night.
  6. Moisturising cream - last, apply a moisturising cream that has a thicker texture and will maximise your skin's hydration during the night.
  7. Lip balm - apply a lip balm last, because your lips need care too. :)

In addition, two to three times a week, exfoliate lightly with an AHA or BHA acid-containing cleanser, toner, mask or other exfoliant. Do this in the evening. Also, apply a hydrating, nourishing or radiance-enhancing face mask and leave it on for at least 20 minutes to relax. A face mask is not a mandatory step, it's more like a ritual, so use this time to relax and be with yourself. Lie down, put on some cool music and relax!

It's also a good idea to keep a gel mask in the fridge to apply to your face in the morning or after a day in the sun. This cool mask will soothe your complexion, feel good, reduce puffiness and moisturise.

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