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Types of protein powders

Probably, many do not even know that the types of protein powders are different – they differ in both composition and rate of absorption, as well as other important properties. What, then, are the most common types of protein powders?

Whey protein powder: This is the most popular type of protein powder that is obtained from milk whey. It is used by both beginners in sports and professionals, since it can be used both before and after training, besides, its price is very friendly. Specialists do not recommend using this type of protein powder at bedtime.

Casein protein powder: Due to its slow absorption capacity, this protein powder is ideal for use at bedtime. It consists of 80% micellar casein and 20% whey protein. The duration of absorption of casein is 5-7 hours, so it will help the muscles to grow and regain strength while you sleep.

Whey protein isolate: This protein powder is made from a premium whey protein isolate containing negligible levels of lactose, fat and sugar (only natural milk sugar is found in the isolate). Due to its rapid absorption properties, the isolate is ideal for use shortly before training and for a short time after training. In terms of biological value, this is one of the most high-quality protein powders.

Egg protein powder: Egg protein, or albumin, is one of the most known types of protein powders obtained from egg whites. It can be used both before and after training, but specialists do not recommend taking it before going to bed. The best property of egg protein powder is definitely the amount of amino acids found in it.

Rice protein powder: This protein powder is ideal for vegetarians and vegans, but is also actively used by people who also eat meat and animal products. Rice protein is obtained from brown rice and contains a lot of amino acids, and is also ideal for people allergic to various foods and intousant to lactose. Rice proteins are poorly soluble in water, so are more suitable for smoothies, as well as for cooking other dishes such as pancakes.

Each of these types of proteins has its own good properties, so when choosing proteins, it is necessary to take into account the level of physical fitness, individual preferences, as well as different peculiarities of the organism. For better results, you can also use different types of protein powders , such as whey protein powder during the day and casein before going to bed.

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