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Vai tiešām termogēnie tauku dedzināšanas līdzekļi ir tik efektīvi?

Are thermogenic fat burning agents really so effective?

If you are interested in current trends in various weight reduction dietary supplements, then you already know that one of the most popular categories of dietary supplements today consists of so-called thermogenic fat burners.

Thermogenic fat burning dietary supplements are different from other popular weight loss products, including, for example, ALLI and Garcinia Cambogia, because they act by thermogenesis.

Thermogenesis is a way to dispose of body fat reserves, increased metabolic stimulation or an increase in caloric intake, contributing to the body's heat production.

The thermodynamics of fat burning are actually as simple as the basics of physics attributable to anything around us in the world. Therefore, if you want to add another effective tool to your weight loss diet and training program, it is worth getting to know the thermogenic fat burners.

Effective thermogenesis and basic change

The key to effective thermogenesis is the ability to significantly increase the intensity of your basal metabolism.

Basal metabolic intensity (BMR, basal rate) or basic value Metabolic is the minimum amount of calories necessary to ensure normal life processes in the body. Your BMR helps you determine the number of calories you need to maintain your current weight.

For people with naturally slim stature and relatively little body fat, the BMR score is usually higher than for those whose physique is made up of more fat. That is why these people can eat almost anything, always maintaining their slender stature.

Therefore, if you want to reduce your weight or have your body burn the fat accumulated in the abdominal area, you need to increase the intensity of your basal metabolism.

BMR can be increased in different ways, but let's be honest – most people are always looking for the easiest way that requires the least effort. And this is where thermogenic fat burners come to the aid.

How to reduce weight with thermogenic fat burners

Despite the fact that metabolism-accelerating dietary supplements are far from being a magic solution to all weight problems, they can be very effective if you try to get rid of excess kilos.

If you regularly and persistently visit the fitness room, besides strictly following a balanced diet, these dietary supplements can really help optimize the rate of fat combustion. They will be great for anyone who, for aesthetic reasons or for general health reasons, wants to get rid of adiness in the abdominal area.

Since fat burners work through the process of thermogenesis, it is worth mentioning that three types of thermogenesis are distinguished.

Thermogenesis proposed by physical activity

This type of thermogenesis is the result of exercise or other types of physical activity. Through movement, your muscles generate heat to work more efficiently and efficiently.

Thermoregulated thermogenesis

The next type is called thermoregulator thermogenesis – it is manifested by the constant care of the body to ensure a body temperature of ~37°C.

This type of thermogenesis is most often manifested in cold climates, when tremors overwhelm the body. Trying to generate heat to use to maintain the necessary body temperature, muscles begin to tremble.

Dietary thermogenesis

The last type of thermogenesis is the thermogenesis proposed by the diet – it manifests itself in the amount of heat generated by the body after a large meal. In this case, the heat arises through digestive processes and depends on the volume of the meal and the profile of nutrients.

In all three cases, thermogenesis in the body begins at the moment when the sympathetic nervous system that releases noradrenaline is induced.

When released from noradrenaline, a thermogenesis process is initiated in the body. It can be assimilated to increasing the temperature of the "body thermostat" above the usual level, which in turn is the intensity of your basal metabolism.

And that's exactly how thermogenic fat burners work – helping the body to release more noradrenaline.

Start with the basics

A simple thermogenic fat burner is a substance that you are definitely well aware of – caffeine. Caffeine is the main ingredient in almost any food supplement for fat burning, and if you look at the label, you will see that the most common sources of caffeine are coffee beans, Yerba mate or matte tea, cocoa beans, as well as guarana seeds.

In the most expensive fat burners you will most likely find higher quality synthetic caffeines. It is usually a substance called 1,3,7-trimethylxin or anhydrous caffeine.

Caffeine works by stimulating the central nervous system, helping to increase energy, improving the sense of alertness and promoting coordination abilities. That is why it is the main ingredient in the most popular energy drinks and pre-workout dietary supplements.

Caffeine is also often found in pharmaceuticals, helping to improve the effectiveness and speed of action of certain drugs, such as painkillers.

The above is just one example of the thermogenic substances used in fat burning preparations – you will find many more over-the-counter products on the market that you can use for the above purposes.


No matter what your fat burning goals are, thermogenic dietary supplements can be a great addition to your arsenal in the fight against overweight. And although none of the preparations available on the market are a miracle cure, the best quality dietary supplements combined with proper nutrition and training program can be extremely effective.

If you want to improve your results and speed up fat burning, try one of the thermogenic dietary supplements today!

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