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Menu preču klāsts papildināts ar vēl 100 jauniem produktiem! product range updated with 100 new products!

Just a few weeks ago we celebrated the biggest addition to in its history with over 100 new products, and now we're here with the next batch of new products, which is just as big and full of really great products. This time, we have especially thought of those who want to make their daily meals more varied, healthier and richer in taste.

The first big news comes from home-grown brand BalticVitamins, which has collagen-protein barswhich are really hard to find, as they contain an impressive 9350 mg of collagen, 40% protein and only 3 grams of sugar. The choice of flavours will also be hard to miss, with bars available in chocolate, salted caramel and coconut flavours. What's more, they're currently on sale in stores in person and online - buy one, get 20% off; buy a box, get 33% off; and buy a 3-pack, get 48% off.

If we started with a Latvian brand, let's continue with the next one - The Beginnings, from which we have received a huge load of new products. From now on, you can find all the new products from The Beginnings in the online store buy The Beginnings delicious and natural biscuits, macaroons, chips (kale, sweet potato, tomato and beetroot), cracker bread, matcha tea, vegetable powders, protein, and cocoa in all its forms: butter, powder and crushed beans.

As for the next newcomer, it's hard to contain your excitement and keep your mouth watering, because just looking at the range from Swedish brand HealthyCo makes you want to go to the kitchen and cook the tastiest and healthiest meal you've ever had. Noteworthy is a range of oils from this manufacturerPumpkin seed, hemp seed, olive, avocado, linseed, sesame and coconut liquid oils. We recommend using these oils in salads, sauces and cold dishes to avoid losing the wide range of nutrients they contain, which are rich and beneficial for the body. HealthyCo beetroot juice, ginger shots and organic coconut water are also good for boosting health. Gourmets are guaranteed to love the dessert sauces, protein pancake mix, chocolate milk powder, nut butters, bars, Proteinella chocolate cream and Belgian sugar-free chocolate bars.

Swedish brand ProBrands is certainly no stranger to those interested in sports nutrition and functional foods, so we are delighted to see their protein bars on the shelves of, especially functional drinks developed for e-sportsprotein chips, fitness drinks, BCAA powder and rich protein-rich lactose-free milkshakes.

And we'll round off the range with our British-made TREK flapjack barsavailable in two carefully crafted flavours: white chocolate-raspberry and lemon cream. These bars are a classic value in the UK, because they're designed with everyone in mind who craves a tasty and healthy snack on their daily run. They are 100% vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free and trans-fat free. Good for your health and for satisfying your hunger.

Pretty impressive, isn't it! All these delicious, healthy and shape-friendly treasures are waiting for you in the online shop.

See you in the next news!

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